Our Team

Bill Burns – Co-founder of Grace Energy
      Sales Manager – Caterpillar Tractor (Powell), Xerox,
ooooooooooooooooooLearning International
      Publisher of Newspaper & Magazines – Sun Media

Dianne Mantei – Co-owner of Grace Energy
      (30) Years of Experience in Tax Preparation & Finance
oooo– Owner H&R Block, High River
     • President & Owner of Factors Western – Central Alberta

R.A. (Bob) Schneider – Co-owner of Grace Energy
      Over (35) Years of Experience in Creative Design, Sales & Marketing
     • President & GM of The Display Centre Inc

Josh Brown – Client Services / Installation Supervisor
      Co-owner – Willow Creek Land & Cattle Co.
      Site Supervisor – Centcom Construction
      Project Manager – H.B.I.