Company Profile

Our Approach

Discuss your solar potential, installation preferences and expectations
Assess your existing service, power billing
Facilitate interconnection agreement with your wire service provider
Provide a feasibility study including payback, levelized cost analysis
Design, supply, install, commission and monitor the system

Solar Panels Grace Energy
Wind Turbine Grace Energy

Why Solar & Wind

Green – Solar & wind are earth-conscious choices
Infinitely Renewable & Sustainable Energy Resources
Local Abundance – Southern Alberta & Southern Saskatchewan share Canada’s best solar & wind resources

Cost Savings – Avert rising electrical & distribution costs
Carbon Offset Credits – Receive green energy production payments
Micro-Generation – Free application & no on-going metering charges.

Lower Electrical Bills – Solar & wind energy is first used to power your electrical needs
Performance – (20) –(25) years on solar modules & (20) year turbine life
Flexibility – A system can easily scale up from 2.3kW to 1000kW